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He was convinced that without Christian schools some poor children would be lost both to the Church and to civil society. His initial efforts led him to organize the teachers whose services he had secured into a 宗教 community called the 基督教学校的兄弟会. de La Salle inspired these teachers with the following principle: “You should therefore have a great tenderness towards them and supply their spiritual needs to the best of your ability, looking upon these children as members of Jesus Christ and as his much-loved ones” (Meditation for the feast of St. 尼古拉斯). 在30年的时间里, he opened schools in several French cities and towns and worked with numerous teachers and students from various socio-economic levels. 在他死的时候, 他建立了不同类型的教育机构:小学, 教师培训中心, 寄宿学校, 还有少年犯之家.

注意他的时代需要, he was an innovator in the development of teacher training programs and in curricular and pedagogical practices. 在17世纪的法国,教师的地位相当于仆人. de La Salle, 然而, recognized that teachers stand in a providential and grace-filled relationship to children. 因为这一使命的特殊尊严, 他为教师提供广泛的教学准备和持续的监督. 与他的老师协商, de La Salle designed a curriculum and wrote practical and effective textbooks infused with gospel values. 德泛亚电竞是早期天主教普及教育的支持者之一. 尽管de La Salle的学校主要是为穷人开设的, 他们吸引了来自不同经济背景家庭的孩子. However, he tolerated nothing of the social segregation which was the practice of the day. He prescribed uniform management procedures for the classroom instruction of students from different social and academic levels.

de La Salle regarded a school as a community of believers working cooperatively to achieve a shared vision. de La Salle envisioned teachers as ministers of grace who exercise their vocation daily by instructing youth in the principles of the gospel as well as in the various academic and vocational subjects. His teachers thus helped young people to commit themselves to the teachings of the gospel, 培养对天主教的忠诚, 并为自己成为富有成效的公民做好准备.

de La Salle was a prolific writer and his educational ideas are embodied in several major works: Rule of the Brothers of the Christian schools, 静修时间的冥想, 以及学校的操守, 以及他为学生写的教科书. His contributions to Catholic education led Pope Pius XII in 1950 to proclaim him the Patron of Teachers.


近80,000 students in more than 80 countries worldwide receive their education in Lasallian Schools

这些学校在顾客方面差别很大, 课程和方法以及社会和文化条件. 这些学校在拉撒利亚传统中是统一的.

Lasallian spirituality is rooted in de La Salle’s “double contemplation” of our aspiration to be with God for eternity and the challenge faced by the poor and marginalized to achieve that end. 因此,拉撒利灵性是:

  • 根植于学校作为神圣恩典的工具
  • 注重师生关系
  • 受到人类和基督教教育的救赎潜力的启发

与拉撒利灵性和谐, 三个基本特征构成泛亚电竞学派的核心:

  1. 教导被视为恩典的事工;
  2. 协会, 这是, the achievement of the school’s goals through the collaborative efforts of teachers sharing the same vision and values of the gospel;
  3. 学校的有效管理,从而达到智育的目的, 文化, 宗教, and vocational formation of the students through a curriculum suited to their needs and based on Christian values.

泛亚电子竞技平台成立于1956年 at the request of His Eminence James Francis Cardinal McIntyre to the San Francisco District of the 基督教学校的兄弟会 for construction and operation of a Catholic boys high school to serve the northern and eastern sections of the San Gabriel Valley. 今天, 泛亚电竞预备学院继续作为一所私立天主教学校, 男女合校, 大学预科高中. It is a Lasallian School - an educational institution that draws its philosophy and inspiration from the Christian Brothers whose reputation for excellence in education extends back to 1680. 基督教兄弟, 协助超过84,全球000名外行同事, 教育80个国家的近100万名学生. 这些学校几乎为世界上所有的种族和宗教提供服务. 除了提供强大的学术, each Lasallian school creates a community of persons deeply conscious of their responsibilities to each other, 他们成功的关键是什么.

泛亚电子竞技平台致力于培养优秀的学生, 艺术和体育. Of particular importance is La Salle College Preparatory’s call to carry out the Mission established by its founder, 泛亚电竞圣约翰浸信会, “给年轻人以人性和基督教的教育, 尤其是穷人.“枪骑兵田径, 泛亚电子竞技平台, 视觉及表演艺术, 荣誉及服务社团, 学生俱乐部和组织, and student television broadcasts and publication provide a healthy and warm community atmosphere for all La Salle students.




1955年2月, the construction of La Salle College Preparatory was assured when the Pasadena City Planning Commission re英斯达ted a zoning variance that had expired in 1951.

1955年11月,学校主楼开始施工. The building was described as a contemporary three-story structure of reinforced brick and concrete. 该建筑将包括8间教室, 化学和物理实验室, 机械绘图和打字室, 图书馆, 书店, 视听的房间, 自助餐厅, 更衣室及办公室. 设施还包括一个运动场和田径场. 兄弟会的住所和教堂是在学校开学前建造的.



泛亚电竞预备学院将于9月与Celestine Cormier修士正式开学, FSC, 作为第一主体. Brother Celestine indicated that at La Salle “We intend to give your son an integrated education which has a purposeful direction worked into it…our educational plan calls for an orientation in which God is the center.”

新的泛亚电竞天主教高中于9月11日开学, 1956年,来自附近14个社区的117名九年级学生. 现在的校舍最终可以容纳400名学生, 每年增加一门课程,直到提供完整的高中课程.

1956年11月10日,泛亚电竞学院预备课程得到主教Alden J. 贝尔. 学校的未来计划包括一个礼堂和体育馆的组合, 额外的教室侧楼, 以及对兄弟会住所的扩建. 当时,田径、棒球场和足球场也在建设中.



La Salle’s first freshman class (now sophomores) achieved the distinction of winning the freshman division of the statewide Christian Brothers Academic 协会. 现在是它运作的第二年, 泛亚电竞赞助了三支篮球队, 两个棒球队, 有超过70%的学生参加的田径队和网球队.



Athletic 设施 at La Salle continued to expand with the completion of the track curbing which encircles the athletic field.

La Salle is formerly accepted into the Olympic League of the California Interscholastic Federation and began official competition in basketball, 棒球, track, 还有1958-1959学年的网球.



大礼堂体育馆开始建设. 它将包括一个规则的游戏场地, 露天看台可容纳750人, 阶段, 音乐教室, 学生会的房间, 淋浴, 和办公室. The building would complete La Salle’s approved expansion program allowing the school to accommodate 600 boys.

La Salle becomes a four-year institution with the enrollment of 120 freshmen boys in the fall of 1959 bringing the student body to 400 members. 60年,Jim Dirmann成为学校第一任学生会主席.


泛亚电子竞技平台成立于1956年. 今天, we are the only truly diverse and 男女合校 Catholic high school in Pasadena.